Team truck driving offers unique advantages that are especially valuable in the specialized field of hazardous materials transportation. At Tri-State Hazmat, we recognize the critical role that team drivers play in ensuring efficient and safe delivery of sensitive loads. We decided to explore the key benefits of team truck driving, highlighting why it ranks as one of the top career choices for those looking to maximize their earnings and job satisfaction in the trucking industry.

Pro’s of Team-Truck Driving

Highest Paying Trucking Jobs

Team truck driving ranks among the highest-paying trucking jobs, offering significant earning potential compared to solo driving positions. Because teams are able to drive so many more miles than solo drivers, team drivers end up being some of the highest-paid truckers. At Tri-State Hazmat, we recently announced a new industry-leading standard for team pay. We’re offering $2,300 per week per driver, ensuring our team members receive the compensation they deserve without the hassle of complex calculations or hidden clauses. By providing a guaranteed weekly pay of $2,300 per driver, we eliminate the uncertainty and complexity often associated with traditional per-mile pay systems. 

Being Time Efficient as a Trucker

Team truck driving significantly enhances time efficiency on the road, allowing drivers to cover longer distances without the usual downtime mandated for single drivers. At Tri-State Hazmat, this efficiency translates into faster delivery times and more frequent hauls, making it a key factor in job satisfaction for truckers. By leveraging the ability to switch drivers without stopping, team drivers can meet tight delivery schedules, making them invaluable in the logistics of hazmat materials. This time management aspect not only improves operational throughput but also increases the overall job appeal to prospective truckers looking for dynamic and efficient work environments.

More Priority Loads

Team Truck drivers often receive priority in load assignments, a perk that underscores the importance of their role in the transportation of hazardous materials. When there is urgency to get a load transported a far distance, team drivers are more likely to be considered rather than solo drivers. By handling more critical loads, team drivers contribute significantly to the efficiency and reliability of the company’s logistics operations. 


Traveling can be a lot of fun with a partner. With the Chewbacca to your Millennium Falcon, you’ll be able to traverse the vast roads of the country in no time at all. Our team drivers like working with a teammate because:

  • Higher Job Satisfaction
    • Having a travel companion can make the job more enjoyable, leading to higher job satisfaction and lower turnover rates.
  • Shared Responsibilities
    • Navigating and monitoring road conditions can be shared, easing the workload and stress for each driver.
  • Enhanced Safety
    • Sharing driving duties ensures that drivers can rest adequately, reducing fatigue-related accidents and increasing overall road safety.

Increase Safety as an OTR Trucker

Team truck driving significantly enhances safety for over-the-road (OTR) truckers, especially critical in the hazmat sector. The shared driving approach allows for adequate rest breaks, drastically reducing the risk of accidents caused by fatigue. Moreover, having a co-driver enables real-time monitoring and assistance, ensuring that both compliance and safety measures are continuously upheld throughout the journey.

People Also Ask

  • What Does it Mean to be a Team Truck Driver?
    • Being a team truck driver involves partnering with another driver to share driving duties, allowing for longer hauls with fewer stops.
  • How Far Can Team Drivers Go in a Day?
    • Team drivers can typically cover up to 1,000 miles a day by alternating driving shifts without long breaks.
  • How Much Do Team Truck Drivers Make a Week?
    • While compensation varies based on the company and the route, at Tri-State Hazmat we guarantee at least $2,300 a week. 

Finding the Right Team Trucking Job

Finding the right team trucking job means finding companies that prioritize safety, compensation, and support, qualities that Tri-State Hazmat embodies in every aspect of its operations. At Tri-State, we ensure that our team drivers are matched with compatible co-drivers to enhance job satisfaction and efficiency. We invite you to join a community where your skills are valued, your growth is supported, and your safety is paramount. If you’re ready to elevate your trucking career, apply now to become part of the Tri-State Hazmat team, where we drive together toward success.

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