We’re excited to share a significant milestone at Tri-State Hazmat with the introduction of a groundbreaking new pay structure for our hazmat teams. Starting April 1st, we’re setting a new industry standard, offering an unmatched $2,300 per week per driver, ensuring our team members receive the compensation they deserve without the hassle of complex calculations or hidden clauses. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to transparency, fairness, and respect for the hardworking individuals who are the backbone of our operations and the broader logistics industry.

What You Need to Know

In our commitment to fairness and transparency, we are thrilled to announce a new pay structure for our DOD Hazmat teams: $2,300 per driver per week, guaranteed, with no need to calculate cents per mile or wade through fine print. This unprecedented move in the trucking industry not only sets a new standard for compensation but also demonstrates our unwavering respect for our drivers, ensuring they no longer face the unpredictability and complexity often associated with traditional pay models.

Paying Truck Driver’s What They are Worth

At Tri-State Hazmat, we firmly believe that truck drivers, the backbone of our economy, deserve to be compensated fairly and respectfully for their indispensable contributions. That’s why we’re introducing a groundbreaking pay structure that reflects the true value of their hard work and dedication. By guaranteeing $2,300 per week for our team drivers, we’re not just offering a paycheck; we’re providing stability, respect, and a clear acknowledgment of their worth. This new standard in compensation ensures that our drivers are no longer subject to the unpredictability of the industry, affirming their pivotal role and our unwavering commitment to their well-being.

How This Pay Structure Sets Us Apart

Our new pay structure positions us once again as a trailblazer in the trucking industry, offering a compensation package that is unmatched by any other company. By providing a guaranteed weekly pay of $2,300 per driver, we eliminate the uncertainty and complexity often associated with traditional per-mile pay systems. This forward-thinking approach not only sets a new benchmark for fairness and transparency in driver compensation but also reflects our deep respect for the professionals who keep our economy moving. Our commitment to this innovative pay model underscores our belief that drivers should be rewarded with stability and security, distinguishing us as an employer who truly values and invests in its workforce. As a result, we are not just offering a job at our company; we are offering a career that prioritizes the well-being and satisfaction of our drivers, setting us apart as leaders in the industry. 

Why We Made This Decision

We made this pivotal decision to overhaul our pay structure in response to the industry’s long-standing underappreciation of truck drivers, recognizing their critical role in our nation’s economy and the inherent challenges of their work. By instituting a guaranteed weekly pay, we aim to provide our drivers with the stability and respect they rightfully deserve, addressing the unpredictable nature of their earnings and valuing their commitment and hard work. This shift reflects our dedication to leading by example, fostering a more equitable and transparent environment that uplifts every member of our team and sets a new standard in the trucking industry.

A Word From Our Vice President of Hiring/Safety/Driver Management

“The American truck Driver does many important things and has proven critical to the nation and vitality of the economic health of America. For too many decades however, the truck Drivers have not been given the respect and value they deserve – as shown by how the industry commonly pays OTR Drivers. Our legal system, common sense, morality all point out the failures that are inherent in the traditional DOD Team Driver wage model of ‘pay per mile’. Most Drivers want to work hard, earn their pay, and do right by themselves and their company.”

-Mike Fisk

Highest Paying Trucking Companies

At Tri-State Hazmat, we pride ourselves on leading the charge toward fair and transparent compensation in the trucking industry, establishing ourselves as one of the highest paying trucking companies. Our new pay structure is a testament to our dedication to our drivers’ well-being and our commitment to setting a new standard in the industry. We believe that by valuing our team members with the respect and financial stability they deserve, we are not only enhancing their lives but also elevating the entire logistics sector. Join us at Tri-State Hazmat, where your hard work is truly valued and rewarded; discover a career that drives you forward and become part of a team that’s redefining the road ahead.

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