How To Pre-Test A DTTS Semi-Trailer

Tri-State is amongst a select group of companies that have earned the right to move some of our country’s most secured freight. Along with this privilege comes a responsibility to follow policy and procedure. And most of our failures can be traced back to communication and process or lack thereof. To provide you with better information on the Defense Transportation Tracking System (DTTS) trailer process, we have assembled some additional documentation.

Best Practices Using the DTTS

The Defense Transportation Tracking System is a vital tool in ensuring the safe transport of highly sensitive and hazardous materials into transit. The Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) helps to track and monitor certain materials that concern the Department of Defense (DOD). Utilizing these systems and organizations helps any hazardous material truckers be successful. In cases of emergencies or distress, these resources can help to quickly intervene by finding qualified drivers to finish the drive as well as provide necessary to a driver who may be incapacitated or otherwise unable to finish the trip

Pre-Test a Trailer (Standard Operating Procedure)

  1. It is easiest to do this over the phone.
  2. Have the driver use a timer.
  3. Connect the truck and trailer. (wait 1 full minute)
  4. If Trailer has not been reported for 5 or more days in Omnitracs, leave the trailer hooked to the truck’s power and wait 30 minutes before moving on to the next step.
  5. Open the door on the trailer. (wait 3 full minutes)
  6. Close the door on the trailer. (wait 1 full minute)
  7. Disconnect the truck and trailer (wait 5 full minutes)
    • If the trailer tracking unit has low power, you may need to reconnect the trailer 7-way to get this message to come across.
  8. Look at Omnitracs portal history
    • Should see the Power “on”, Omni connect, door open, door close, power off, and Omni disconnect.

How to pre-test a trailer < Click here for .pdf document

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