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We all know it, trucking is not for everyone. But for those who are cut from a special kind of cloth, trucking is a lifestyle. The freedom and the independence are a massive appeal for trucking, but it does not mean that they are not some helpful adjustments and lifestyle choices that can help keep you fulfilled for your life on and off the road. Our Tri-State Hazmat wanted to put together this list of tips, tricks, and habits you can implement and benefit from for your life on the road.

Maintaining Healthy Habits while Trucking

With the long hours spent behind the wheel of a big rig, succumbing to the trap of an unhealthy lifestyle pulls many truck drivers. Fast food is the most convenient option, regular exercise because fewer and far between, and maintaining a normal sleep schedule is a foreign concept. Overtime, lacking access to these critical pillars of a healthy lifestyle can begin to inflict a toll on anyone. Being sluggish and confused behind the wheel not only makes you a worse driver, it can easily become dangerous.

Planning, Planning, Planning

The best truckers have the best systems for planning. Between hauling loads, racing deadlines, and managing disruptions, the life of a trucker quickly becomes a juggling act. Being able to plan where you will stop to eat, rest, do laundry, fuel up, use a restroom and being efficient with that time is one of the most important skill sets any trucker can possess.

Staying Connected while on the Road

Even the most seasoned and passionate truckers understand the necessity of staying connected while on the road. Being able to communicate with loved ones is an immeasurably important part of driving. On top of that, utilizing a mobile hotspot and having dependable coverage means having access to important information about changes to your route and can also serve as welcomed entertainment during downtime.

Finding a Shower

Maintaining personal hygiene is essential for your comfort and well-being. Not all truck stops offer the same quality of showers, and the rules for accessing them may vary among different chains. Explore truck stops along your routes that provide clean and accessible shower facilities, and if possible, avoid paying for showers out of your own pocket.

Not all Restrooms are the Same

Not all truck stops offer consistent levels of qualities when it comes to amenities, like the restroom. Other times, your only parking spot is the back of the lot and the bathroom is a long hike away. If you are feeling ill, the weather conditions are poor, or the facilities are less than pristine, having an “alternative” bathroom solution is sometimes an important personal investment. Find a system that works best for you, prioritizing hygiene and sanitation. Sometimes a small camping toilet is the best emergency solution.

Prioritizing Sleep as a Trucker

Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is crucial for your safety on the road. While some companies or jobs may not permit a regular sleep routine, it’s important to be honest with yourself and your dispatch about your needs. Investing in a comfortable sleep area in your truck and parking in quiet, safe areas can help you get the rest you need. If you cannot sleep well, you cannot drive well.

Best Trucking Companies | Tri-State Hazmat

As a lifestyle trucker, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, staying connected, and prioritizing your safety are crucial for a fulfilling and successful journey. By following these tips you’ll be well-equipped to make the most out of your life on the road. In addition to putting all of these tips into practice, one of the most essential parts of maximizing your benefits as a trucker is choosing to work with the best trucking company. At Tri-State Hazmat, our drivers enjoy the highest levels of financial compensation, benefits packages, and work-life balances of any other company. If you are looking to make the most of the truck driving lifestyle, consider how Tri-State Hazmat can give you what you deserve. Safe travels!

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