OTR trucking

Trucking exists as the strong set of shoulders that carries American infrastructure and supply transportation. Within the large number of different modes of transportation exists an important sector called Hazmat Trucking, that refers to the practice of the careful methodical transportation of hazardous materials. Hazmat trucking requires high levels of experience, essential certifications, and the ability to maintain important federal government compliance processes.

How to Get Certified to be a Hazmat Trucker

For the experienced CDL trucker looking for ways to upgrade their quality of life and quality of work, the transition into hazmat transportation can be a rewarding decision. There are a few steps that must be taken before consideration as a qualified hazmat trucker can happen. As a prerequisite, drivers should be at least 21 years of age, have a high school diploma or GED, and most employers will look for some OTR trucking experience. The step that allows a qualified CDL-driver into the hazmat echelon is the endorsements. A driver can acquire a Hazardous Materials Endorsements (HME), a Tank vehicle endorsement, or a combination endorsement that proves your qualifications. Specialized training programs exist to provide all the necessary knowledge of the classes, types, and how to handle the different types of hazardous materials.

Competitive Salary

Experienced truckers know about the lucrative financial benefits of being a driver. Within the existing financial benefits of trucking, being a hazmat driver catapults those benefits into a new stratosphere. An expert with specialized training and experiences ought to get paid for that skillset, hazmat truck drivers have increasingly high levels of demand within the industry. What that means for you is a massive financial benefit in addition to the flexibility to opt for routes that suit you. 

Increased Job Security

There is a high demand for qualified, experienced, and skilled hazmat truck drivers across various industries. And that demand is going to remain stable for the indefinite future. Long term job stability is ensured with a profession that cannot keep up with the demand. Most people are unwilling to do what it takes to be a trucker, and an even smaller number of truckers have what it takes to be a hazmat endorsed driver.

Truck Driving Job with the Best Benefits

The debate is over: hazmat truck drivers have it the best. Drivers with Tri-State enjoy exceptional benefits. Some of the most noteworthy benefits include comprehensive healthcare, bonuses, weekly pay, 401k, generous PTO, and more. Our team values the well-being of drivers and the emphasis of offering the best benefits to maintain satisfaction and longevity for our crew.

Best Work-Life Balance for Truckers

No matter your profession, everyone is looking for and needs some semblance of balance in regards to their working life and their personal life. For hazmat drivers, this consideration is most clearly demonstrated through predictable schedules with flexible pace. Drivers have the choice to spend their free time with families and loved ones, without having to sacrifice career growth and advancement in a rapidly developing industry.

Most Fulfilling Careers

With the long hours and challenges associated with trucking, it is essential to experience fulfillment with your work. Tri-State drivers experience immense satisfaction that follows their work. Transporting goods is essential; furthermore, transporting hazardous goods and materials is essential and difficult. Because it is necessary, there is real contentment associated with the important work of maintaining public safety and environmental protection.

Drive with Tri-State Hazmat

Hazmat trucking offers a rewarding career path with unparalleled benefits for those who are cut out for it. For those who are looking to capitalize even further on their valuable skill set, making the decision to be a qualified hazmat driver can lead to increased financial benefits, career satisfaction, and a better work:life balance. You deserve an exciting and rewarding career. Tri-State Hazmat offers drivers the chance to make the most of their skills and get compensated fairly.

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